Activity Hero


Role: Content Marketing Intern

-for high school seniors who are interested in ecommerce and day to day operations of a marketplace website

Bank of America Student Leaders


Focus: Career Exploration

-8 week paid internship to learn how to establish economic mobility and become a community leader

Virtual Internships


Focus: Career Exploration

-4 week program where students will work in teams of 4 at an assigned company within the student's chosen career group...

USDA National Agricultural Library 


As an intern at the Library, you'll be part of a team that is dedicated to providing access to information to help solve agricultural challenges like food production, climate change, and natural resources conservation.



-eligible high school students and college students are able to apply

-will be asked to research and analyze a specific company...

-interns will be provided a mentor

Akya Internship


Ayka is an online based distribution magazine covering a wide scope of issues and subjects.

Comp4preneurs Internship

Deadline: June 26, 2021

- allows teens to explore the world of entrepreneurs by focusing on specific fields: Research & Writing Team, Graphic Design Team, Outreach & Sponsorship Team, and Digital Marketing & Engagement Team.